Olivia Batchelder Art Studio, Laguna Beach, California USA . . . call 949.280.9785

Olivia Batchelder is a native California artist. Her youth took her to Germany and Japan, both of which inform her current artwork.
Olivia Batchelder has been creating signature fabrics by hand-painting, hand-dyeing and manipulating natural luxury fabrics for over 30 years. In her experiments to create unusual textures and motifs, she has used dye, paints, wood, rocks, plants, metals, and many other materials. She paints outdoors under shaded canopies, all year around.

She is a Studio Art graduate of the University of California at Irvine, where she studied painting and sculpture. Later, the vibrant color possibilities of silk drew her to the unique medium of painting on silk. She studied batik thru an Artist Residency in Malaysia, and later returned to study natural dyeing there. In 2015, she returned to Malaysia to demonstrate her current methods of painting on silk as part of the Kuala Lumpur International Craft Festival.

She creates beautiful art clothing from her sumptuous fabrics. She has exhibited in galleries and fashion shows in several countries. Her painting takes the form of lyrical abstractions. All of her artwork is inspired by nature.
Photo by Kathleen Clark
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